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Why Main Street Economics Exists (Vol. 120)

‘Voting Public’ Awareness; Call to Action

There are hundreds of organizations that focus on economics - right, center, left and all gradations in between. Many are well funded and have excellent scholars on staff as well as outside professionals who contribute. Their publications are excellent, but generally not written for, nor reaching, Main Street, the ‘voting public’. To a significant degree they are just preaching to the choir’: delivering messages to audiences that already believe in what they are saying, not to skeptical audiences that need to be convinced that it is time to do something different. To a significant degree they are just ‘preaching to the choir’. Some have reached a small portion of Main Street, but the needle has not moved in DC to fiscal sanity.

So why do we need to move the needle anyway, can’t we just keep on with what we are doing? After all, we always find a way to cure our problems when they arise. As Winston Churchill once quipped, ‘Americans always do the right thing - once all other alternatives are exhausted’.


If you have been reading any of my material, you know the problems we are facing - and not dealing with them. Not only has America run up an enormous debt, if current policy continues, we will run enormous deficits every year in the future and pile on debt as if there were no tomorrow. Guess what: If we ‘keep on keeping on’, someday there will be no tomorrow. If you haven’t seen any of my material take a look at last week’s email, Facts, No Spin #119, The next federal debt crisis is looming. Here's why.

Folks, the Ship of State is sailing directly at the proverbial iceberg. And when ‘all other alternatives are exhausted’, it will be too late, then the disaster will be unavoidable. We will have crashed into the iceberg and gone down in flames.

Chicken Little? No Way. I have objectively reviewed the reports our government has produced - financial statements, and projections - and I absolutely know we cannot keep this up with impunity and so do they. Every major agency of our government says it. This is a quote from The Executive Summary for our audited financial statements every year:

The current fiscal path is unsustainable.

Our future generations will be destroyed by the fiscal irresponsibility we are seeing today. They will never have the opportunity we have had to thrive in a market economy that generates benefits for all. Are we going to let them burn in the fiscal fire? Are we that irresponsible? Shame on us if we sit and do nothing.

I, for one, am not willing to sit still and let that happen without trying to Wake up America.

I am a businessman, not an economist. But I can read the tea leaves pretty well, and totally agree with what our government is telling us about the unsustainability of our fiscal path. So I decided to invest my time and money and, with some excellent consultants, embarked on my Mission Impossible to try to reach the Congregation, not the Choir, with clear, easy to understand economics and to get the public to focus serious attention onto this awful problem. Then we can get a broader understanding of the economic problems we face, and generate public support to fix this fiscal disaster before it is too late.

I am still working on material and with the publication of our next book - What Happens If……The Greatest Ponzi Scheme on Earth Fails - early next year, we are planning to start marketing to the Congregation.

FYI, I am not the only businessman that feels this way. ‘Joe From Texas’ is also doing this - his approach is different, but our objective is exactly the same. Visit his website at


Our representatives will not fix this without public support. They are primarily concerned with getting re-elected, we all get that. If the public understands the problem they will be more likely to support the changes needed , then they will fix them. If your elected representative doesn’t support these changes, then vote for someone who will. Voice your opinion any way you can. We have a facility on our website to do this with one click.

Don't just sit there, invest one minute of your time to send the message to the politicians in Washington from our site or any way you can: FIX THIS MESS, or I will vote for someone who will.


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