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Main Street Economics was formed to provide Economic Education for the American public. We focus on explaining the different types of systems in easy to understand language by laymen for laymen without formal education in economics.

We have pursued this goal by developing non-partisan videos explaining the major types of economic systems and inviting viewers to learn in more detail from expanded PowerPoint presentations about how and why each type of system works. The main focus is on 3 types of systems, Free Enterprise/Market system, Socialism, and Democratic Socialism.

Economics is the study of how businesses and individuals allocate scarce resources.

Why does economics matter to you?

Good economic policy leads to growth and a rising standard of living for all.

Bad economic policy has led to declines and eventual destruction of whole civilizations.

At MSE, we focus only on policy – never politics - what policy works best for improving our lives.

What are economic systems?

There are several approaches; They are variations of three main systems – Free Enterprise/Market economy; Socialism; ‘Democratic Socialism’ These all function to allocate resources, but can be confusing.

At MSE we unravel the mysteries in plain language, short easy to understand videos and messages.

Liberty: It is foundational to the human spirit

That means freedom. We are free to pursue our own goals for our own sake and keep the fruits of our labor. This provides the incentives for us to succeed. And we succeed when we provide value to others.

Enjoy the show – Listen; Learn; Think; Act – Act by voting your conscience

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