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'No Labels': Undemocratic? Really? (Vol. 110)

‘No Labels’ is an organization who may run a candidate for President

Politics is not our focus, economics is. And we do not endorse parties or candidates, that is not our mission.

Sometimes I hear political things that make me angry - this is one.

I am not endorsing No Labels, they don’t even have a candidate at this point, nor do they know if they will run a candidate in the next Presidential election. They have been around for over a dozen years and are a bipartisan organization which has said they could run a candidate slate for President consisting of a Republican and a Democrat as a third party, if they do not think the choices from the major parties are what the public wants.

Seems to fit into a democracy just perfectly. BUT:

Some politicians are saying it is destroying democracy. What????

No Labels is actively pursuing getting on the ballot in all states, so they could run a slate for President, if they choose to. But some organizations are actively trying to keep No Labels off the ballot in states. They say it is going to destroy democracy.

There is nothing more democratic than giving voters choice. There is no mystery here, those who are trying to keep them off the ballot are doing so because they fear them and think it will hurt their chances of winning.

That is disgusting and really makes me angry.


Winning is the goal, I get it. But do it on your merits, not by these shenanigans.

Sigh. Unfortunately that is not the politics of today, and we voters should not put up with that. If No Labels wants to get on the ballot, support that right no matter what your political persuasion is. Win because you earn it on your merits, not with underhanded methods like this.


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