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Looks good; Feels bad (Vol. 58)

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

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The PBS (Political Bull S–t) is Making Me Sick!

I listened in amazement as one congresswoman talked about the virtue of her electric vehicle as she passed the $5.00 per gallon gas stations with impunity. Besides being tone deaf, she is very uninformed about EV’s.

Here are 2 facts you should know:

They do not help the carbon footprint of the world.

They are not economical.

Why? Over the life cycle of the vehicle, the energy required to produce the battery, recharge it, and replace it generates more carbon than is saved by powering it electrically vs. gasoline (see No Spin #1 on EV’s).

And it costs about $20,000 more than conventional autos to buy an EV, saves on average $1,000 per year in fuel and costs another $10-20,000 to replace the battery in about 8 years. Add in the interest on the extra $20 thousand invested, and you do the math. It is not rocket science!

This is not a knock on EV’s, Tesla and others make fine cars, but don't delude yourself into thinking you are helping the environment or saving money, that is PBS.

That is just one example of DC’s PBS, here are a few more:

  1. We can reduce inflation by spending more money.

  2. We can print money endlessly (modern monetary theory) with impunity.

  3. Our debt in the US doesn't matter, we can always borrow more (see No Spin #4, the Ponzi Scheme).

  4. The War on Poverty has been a success (see No Spin #10, The War on Poverty).

  5. Rent controls will fix our soaring rent prices (see No Spin #7, Rent Controls).

  6. Wealth tax will pay for our social programs.

  7. Medicare for all will solve our medical insurance problems and save us money.

  8. Renewable energy will solve our global warming issues.

  9. Nuclear energy is harmful.

  10. Government will spend your money wisely and efficiently.

  11. Balance of trade deficit is bad for the economy.

  12. Raising corporate taxes is good for the economy, and does not affect consumers and employees. It only affects corporate profits.

The list is endless. But there is one thing OBJECTIVE economists know. We need sound fiscal and monetary policy if we are to grow our economy and raise the standard of living for all. (And we need the government to get out of the way - stop regulating us to death.)

As Milton Friedman so wisely said, judge policy by its results, not its intentions.


Don't listen to the PBS, learn for yourself what works and what doesn't, then express your opinions to your elected representatives and vote your conscience for what makes sense to you.


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