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Fix The Damn Problem, Not the Blame (Vol. 137)

The Problem: Bankruptcy of the United States

This is my twist on an old Japanese proverb which so wisely tells us that pointing fingers at others is a useless exercise in futility, it does nothing to cure a problem, just the opposite, it causes animosity when cooperation is what is needed. Focus on the problem, not the fault. Who created the problem is not the issue today, fixing it is the only issue. 


Yes, we do have a ‘Problem’, an enormous problem. The United States is bankrupt. By all definitions that is the actual case. However, our credit card still works and as long as anyone will lend us money to cover our losses (deficits in government lingo) we can keep losing money and covering the loss - until we can no longer borrow. And yes, that day will come, and it will be ugly when it comes.


As I explained last week in Fact, No Spin #136 ‘Cassandra or Chicken Little’ the outrageous spending, deficits and debt is destroying this country just as surely as Rome was destroyed by bad governance. That is a fact, no one can extend the credit card debt indefinitely - eventually they will go bankrupt, even the all-powerful United States. Those idiots who believe in Modern Monetary Theory are imbeciles. That is the theory that you can borrow as much as you want as long as you want and there will be no ill effects. NONSENSE. Common Sense tells us otherwise.


I am not gifted with a crystal ball as Cassandra was, so I don’t know when we will crash and burn, but it is a sure thing that we will if we do not change course. I am not Chicken Little either, I am warning of an upcoming disaster, but with justification - based on the facts that we can plainly see as I pointed out last week.


I hope you understand the problem, most folks really do get it. We have seen that in focus groups and polling we have done. BUT what most folks do not get is that this is leading our Ship of State directly into the iceberg. And for those who do understand the serious nature of the problem, they do not think there is anything one person can do.  Wrong.


So, how do we fix it? What can you do?


It is called education and cooperation.  And it starts with you, the ‘voting public’. It is ‘We the People’ who elect our representatives and who we elect determines our direction. We must understand the problem and how serious it is. That is what Main Street Economics is all about - understanding basic economics and the problems we face - and how to fix them. 


When enough of us get it, we must all let our representatives know we want them to stop pointing fingers and cooperate to get reasonable solutions for the future good of this country. Cut the crap and partisan bickering and ‘Fix the Damn Problem’.  That is how one person can make a difference, by joining with millions of other ‘one persons’ and letting our representatives know we get it and want the problem fixed.  We must insist they stop the ‘blame game’ and cooperate to fix the problem before it is too late.




It is up to us. If you don’t get it yet, then learn. We have made it easy at Main Street Economics. Gain understanding, it’s not that hard. 


Then speak up, speak out in any way you can. And if you want an easy way to join the other ‘one persons’ expressing millions of opinions, go to our website and Contact Congress, it will take less than 1 minute - just enter your name and address and Send. You can use our message or write your own. Your representative and your senators, as well as the President and Vice President, will get the message. If enough of you ‘one persons’ do that, they will notice - it will make a difference.


And if your representative or senators don't get it, then vote for someone else who does get it and cares about the future of this country for you, your children, and all future generations. That will get their attention.



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