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Big Government Will Not Save You (Vol. 113)

This country was founded on freedom; but we are moving in the wrong direction.

I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more.

Ever heard that before? Big Brother is growing out of control. I have seen this trend coming and now accelerating, and it is time to speak up. And most of this nonsense isn’t from our elected representatives, but from the unaccountable bureaucrats and executive orders that somehow they are empowered to do without Congressional approval. And our representatives quietly let them.

‘The era of big government is over.’ President William Clinton’s famous quote. I wish it were so.

Good Intentions? No, I don’t think so, but if they are, they are doing an awful job of it. I am constantly reminded of Milton Friedman’s quote:

Do I really need the government to tell me what kind of car to buy? Or to put corrosive ethanol in my gas tank? Or to make up rules and regulations to keep me from ever permitting a mine? Or to create 75,000 pages of IRS code that no sane person can understand? Or to have 188,000 pages in the Code of Federal Regulations, many unnecessary and costly, and hurting our growth and well being? Or making energy so costly, which ripples through our economy like a tidal wave as inflation, hurting those least able to afford it.

I have no quarrel with trying to clean up the environment, BUT doing costly, stupid things that don’t work isn’t the answer. See above: Intentions vs. Results. Electric vehicles do nothing for the environment when the life cycle of the vehicle from mining the ore for batteries to replacing the battery is considered. Yet we are creating regulations to force us to buy an EV, a car many do not want, and driving up energy prices to make EV’s look more attractive. And if we continue down that road, where will we get the raw materials to build the batteries, or the electricity to charge them all? From sun and wind? Not with today’s technology. And all of this done without Congress saying a word.

At the Heritage Foundation, they publish The Index of Economic Freedom. The United States used to be in the top 5 - up until 2008 - scoring in the 80’s and in the ‘Free' category. The decline started in 2008 and has continued to where we score 70.6, and are just barely in the ‘Mostly Free' category, ranked number 25 in the world today.

And big government is ‘breaking the bank’ of the US. See email #107, where Grumpy explains the Federal Debt problem. And it is primarily a result of big government spending, which is totally out of control.


‘Land of the free, and home of the brave.’

We used to be land of the free, but no more. Our freedom is being seriously eroded by a government big enough to Enslave us. Sorry President Clinton, the era of big government is not over. I wish we had followed your lead. Our Representatives, Executive Branch, and the bureaucracy they empower have lost their way. They have forgotten what made us the greatest, most powerful country in the world - Freedom.

It is time for us citizens to remind them.


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