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‘Grumpy’ Explains the Real Debt Crisis (Vol. 107)

As Usual, the ‘Compromise’ ignores the Real Problems

The best thing I can say about the current ‘debt crisis’ is that it is bringing attention to the cataclysmic problem we are facing.

The PBS (political bull s–t) from DC is astounding. There is more wrong with the compromise than right and, thankfully, a few politicians are speaking out about the real problem, which is not even touched with this compromise. If you want an analysis of the compromise just signed into law, take a look at this analysis by Heritage Foundation.

The Good: It gets us over the debt ceiling crisis of today and wakes up America to the problem of our current and growing astronomical debt - and the disaster we are facing when the Debt Bomb blows.

The Bad: It is useless in solving our real problem, and it takes the pressure off of addressing our spending addiction with a spit in the ocean worth of help and open ended debt accumulation for the next 18 months. .

The s–t will hit the fan when our Congress finally spends so much money and accumulates so much debt, we are truly bankrupt. We hit the proverbial iceberg and sink when no one will buy our debt, then what will we do? When the Great Ponzi Scheme ends, as explained in Facts, No Spin #4, all hell will break loose.

That is the real problem.


Folks, do not let this problem fade into the dustbins of oblivion because we dodged a ‘make believe’ bullet today. Nothing is being done to defuse the Debt Bomb in DC, as it gets worse and worse. It is up to us to keep the pressure on to solve the spending addiction in DC.

Do Not let this Country be destroyed on our watch. We owe our kids and grandkids better than that. Speak up, go to our website and Contact Congress and let our representatives know you want the real problem fixed.


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