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Alive Tampa Bay Talks Debt With Les Rubin

Leslie A. Rubin, a property developer who has founded, and Lawyer Howard Iken, managing partner of Law Firm of Ayo & Iken, PLC, joined Greg on the July 27, 2023, OnThePoint radio show aired on WHBO AM 1040. Greg discusses major tax savings in Florida and audio comments by Gov. Ron DeSantis who is running for the Republican nomination for president.

OnThePoint is a live radio show that airs each Thursday from 3:15 to 4 p.m. on WHBO AM 1040,  and then as a podcast on AliveTampaBay. Greg C. Truax hosts the opinion show that peels back the layers of social and business issues, dives deep into the currents of politics and explores public policy questions so listeners can “keep the conversation going.

Greg C. Truax is a documentary filmmaker, host of OnThePoint and publisher of AliveTampaBay.

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