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Unveiling the Truth Behind US Debt

Total U.S. Liabilities (as of Sep 2023)


($128.2 trillion)

Liability per Taxpayer


(129.9 MM taxpayers)

Liability per Person


(336MM people)


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public on the debt bomb the United States faces and the impending disastrous consequences that we will face if we do not resolve our debt crisis.

With the information gained through our platforms, we implore you to contact your local congressional representative

Our New Books Are Ready for Order!


Our New Books Are Ready for Order!

The study, conducted by John Zogby Strategies, recently polled 1,000 voters and is the first of its kind to directly examine the impact of the debt on average Americans.


The national debt continues to grow as interest rates rise, annual deficits are added, and new spending is passed 


White House estimates suggest a long-lasting default on national debt could cause a severe recession, with over 8 million job losses and the economy shrinking by over 6 percent. 


In 2023, interest alone (on the national debt) will total $800 billion due to rising interest rates on accumulated debt

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